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Camper HQ










Asier Rua


Anabella Vivas

The third store I have designed for the Spanish shoe brand Camper sits within the company’s headquarters in Inca, Mallorca.


The starting point for this project was to design a “shop-in-shop” concept in order to reuse the olive stools that we did last year for Galeries Lafayette pop-up store in Paris. Further exploring the potential of olive roots as a building material, we developed a new element for this retail space: a shelving unit. It combines XYZ structures with raw olive root slabs as shelves enhancing the origin of this specific type of wood.

In this case we also investigated the idea of semi-transparent walls, distinguishing the full price from the outlet area. Using vertical textile straps from the company´s accesories collection (bagpacks), paired with ratchets and mounted on rectangular metal frames, we generated a consistent identity for the space using elements that belong to the brand´s own material language.

Another interesting challenge was the fact that the store had to work with and without the olive stools. We were asked to find a solution in case the stools need to be used somewhere else in a future pop-up. Our proposal was to make three large metal plinths to be able to display products on top, they could be arranged in different configurations offering several circulation flows in the space. Combined with the irregular olive root slabs, they generate an interesting contrast which in a way reflect the ethos of the company: deeply rooted in Mediterranean culture with a progressive attitude.