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Extraperlo 21










Yago Castromil


Victor Clemente


Geray Mena

For the 3rd edition of Extraperlo I invited Maria Cristina Didiero to co-curate the show together. Although it was during pandemia, we manage to put together an ambitious show.

<<I have always heard that curators’ role is “to give sense” to things. I believe that this role should enlarge and expand and could become much more, although reaching this goal is already something pretty much remarkable.


When Jorge asked me to co-curate the Extraperlo 2021 – Curating Curators show I was thrilled to develop together with him an idea I had in mind for a while, and so CURATING CURATORS takes the meaning of curating people, which is both a delicate matter and an extraordinary challenge. There is not pretentiousness in this action at all – we do not want to take any lead on anybody – but instead we would like to celebrate personalities we respect, professionals who look at things in their own personal way so that we can stress the diversity of approaches to look at the world; as diversity brings in itself the seeds of freedom, there is not one point of view better than another (opposite to maths all angles are equal) and the final result of this project could trigger curiosity and magnify different ways of storytelling and therefore even our own vision of curating – could it be an exhibition, a performance or a text. Actually can be anything. The more risky the better. Each of us do come from dissimilar backgrounds and education, which will result in a different way of approaching new commissions and professional adventures –  it makes no difference if we examine an object or just a concept.


By putting together this exciting roster of great names we would like to highlight and praise a whole variety of slants and methodologies: we intend to discover how people respond to the same theme to create a shared experience full of possibilities and variables. The curator’s job is already vague to define. While it classically refers to making choices and interpretations, it is in fact an everyday act of courage, solidify your own vision through research, and also nurture the will of starting conversations with somebody – being it the designer, the object or the audience. Curating is about listening to the world and telling its story as you fell it – probably the most poetic act someone can perform.>>


Text by Maria Cristina Didero