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Extraperlo 23










Delfino Sisto


Raquel Quevedo


Gema Barranco, Vicent Orts

For the 5th and last edition of Extraperlo, I invited Matylda Krzykowski to co-curate the show together. We came up with The Final (Group) Show, which took place at Dropcity during Salone del Mobile 2023.


“Exhibitions piece together ideas into spaces. But there is a catch: there are always two key limitations – spatial and economic.

Since 2019 Extraperlo brings together groups of people, usually friends or friends of friends, in form of *something in a shoebox* for the exhibition. The medium setting the limitation for Extraperlo is the ubiquitous shoebox – the most commonly used item for shipping. Standard size: 33 x 19 cm. What can fit inside that box? The requested *something* can be anything – an experiment, a work-in-progress or a fully-finished piece, as long as it sits at the €1 – €500 price point.

Don’t be mistaken, the initiative is not motivated by money, instead it is motivated by: subverting ideas through bringing together a selection of people, exploring the life that lies in the shadow economy and representing a group, and its secrets, which eventually constitutes a network of thought.

In 2023, for its 5th and final edition, Extraperlo presents 40 cardboxes – one for each of its previous participants. Together, they help visualise, map, but also reshuffle, the connections between the members of this group. The cardboxes are assembled in a giant walk-in box for visitors to enter. The shoebox is a space of mystery, a clandestine spot where we hide our deepest secrets, unfulfilled projects and our finest discoveries.

In its last dance Extraperlo continues to stand for the *something* inside – a limited room for magic.”


Text by Matylda Krzykowski.